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2017 Submissions

a long time. Experimental Song
Crystal Skies (FelixSanHaro Remix) House Song
Fall To The Clouds (Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Fear Industrial Song
Night Light Techno Song
Chasing The Sunrise Ambient Song

2016 Submissions

Back To Love Dance Song
Sombra's Kingdom Dubstep Song
Legacy Dance Song
Be There (FelixSanHaro Remix) House Song
Questionable Isanaty Drum N Bass Song
Sugar Meltdown Industrial Song
Harmonic Chaos Dubstep Song
Cupcakes (Remake) Dance Song
Luna - My Heart House Song
Academy Blitz Techno Song
Inhale the Rainbow Techno Song
Music of My Destiny Dance Song
Academy Blitz (Instrumental) Techno Song
Flight in to The Hurricane Techno Song
Beautiful Now Cover Dance Song
Fallen Apple Techno Song
A Sparkle in the Night Sky Techno Song
Chromatica Industrial Song

2015 Submissions

My Innermost Apocalypse (remastered) Video Game Song
Final Battle Video Game Song
Golden Light House Song
Bippoty Bot Techno Song
Resonating Techno Song
Feutile Techno Song
Dream World Techno Song
Falling Leaf Techno Song
Eternity Techno Song
Endorphins Techno Song
Imagine (Instrumental) Techno Song
Imagine Techno Song
The Quest VIP Techno Song
Dacing With The Sun VIP Techno Song
Power Techno Song
Wild Side Techno Song
FusiĆ³n (Orchestra Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Magic (VIP) Trance Song
Magic Trance Song
Send In The Troops! Techno Song
Twilight Earns Her Element Techno Song
Sorrow Techno Song
Lunar Peace Techno Song
Eurobeat Brony - Luna (FelixSanHaro Remix) Techno Song
Night Prowler Techno Song
Avast Flutterfluff Techno Song
She's Evil House Song
Wonders House Song
Let's Get It Down Dance Song
Zombie Pony [Explicit] Dubstep Song
Pinkie's Adventure Donut House Song
Boo Hoo (Orchestra) Classical Song
Hype! House Song
Boooring! (20% Cooler Remix) Dubstep Song
Drowning Dubstep Song
Let's Bounce Drum N Bass Song
Leto House Song
Hooves Up High (KP Remix) House Song
Chaos House Song
No Fear House Song
Ghosties House Song
Fall To The Clouds House Song